RUBeL Awards: Winners Elected

ResearchBochum, Germany – March 24, 2009    The winners of this semester’s university-wide eLearning competition “RUBeL 5×5000” have been elected. The acronym “RUBeL 5×5000” indicates that eLearning at the Ruhr-University Bochum is addressed. Furthermore, 5,000 € are awarded for 5 different innovations in teaching. The so called “Interactive Tutor for Technical Design in Civil Engineering”, a software system allowing students a cooperative self-learning of course subjects, was one of the 5 winners in the winter term 2008/2009. The system is intended to be applied in the course “Technical Design using CAD Systems” (course no. 123016) for improving the quality of teaching. The prize money of 5,000 € has been used to create a new undergraduate position. The student meanwhile being employed at this position is charged with developing and implementing further features of the “Interactive Tutor”.